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Submissions and Join requests

Group membership:

Joining the group is a matter of just clicking on the join request. You do not require approval to join.

After you join the group, you can submit 2 works of art each day as a member. If you somehow find that this isn't enough, you may contact The-Ketchi and request the 'Contrubutor" status. If approval is given, you will be allowed submit 4 works of art each day. Approval of this will require significant and consistent submission of cards to the group.

Art submission:

Submit works of art to the Featured Gallery. One of the group moderators (Co-Founders or The-Ketchi) will place it into a suitable gallery folder depending upon its playability.

Submit anything Pokémon, Magic: The Gathering, or Yu-Gi-Oh! card related that includes My Little Pony themes and/or characters, regardless of generation or format.
Hello, everypony. Matt here with a request.

Whenever I make a new set, I like to incorporate new things into the game. Usually this refers to things the official Pokemon TCG added into their sets. If you've visited my gallery any time soon, you've seen the Breezie Fluttershy I posted showcasing the new Fairy-type cards.

Pokemon-EX have been a part of the official TCG for a long time now, and the only reason I've never included them in my sets is because I don't think it does the cards justice to have some stock art (or a screenshot) as Pokemon-EX art. I would like to, but I suck at drawing. Like, intensely.

So I am appealing to all you artists out there. If you are capable of matching either the Pokemon-EX or full art style of official Pokemon cards and would like to do some art for some secret rares for set 9, please please please drop me a line. I can't pay you with money, but wouldn't you like to see some of your artwork on a cool-looking card? :D
I'm sure a lot of you are wondering how exactly you would be allowed to fit and play these cards together.  Well, the only rules are the rules of the game itself.  This means that it all depends the card's name.  Examples include:

With Pokemon cards, possible evolutions are specified by the Pokemon name.  This means that any "Filly Cadance" could use its Coronation Poke-Power to put on any "Cadance", but not any "Princess Cadance".  "Queen Cadance" and "Corrupt Cadance" can both evolve from "Cadance", but cannot evolve from "Princess Cadance".
If an effect would allow you to draw or put in play a specific card (or any other effect), even if they don't share a deviantART originator profile, you can still apply that effect.  The only requirement is that the specific card's names are exactly the same.
Cards of different names in Pokemon, MTG, and Yu-Gi-Oh count as different cards, even if they refer to the same character.  In MTG, you may simultaneously have 4 "Cadance" cards and 4 "Princess Cadance" cards in your deck, but only 4 "Cadance" cards even if they are completely different cards.  Extended, this means that you could potentially build an entire deck around a single character if they had different card names, even if they had identical stats.

There will also be 2 match formats.  Make sure that you're aware of which one you're playing before beginning your match.
1. Pure play: you can only use cards from the playable galleries of this group, but also regular basic lands (MTG) and basic energies (Pokemon).  You cannot use regular special lands or special energies.  Some popular cards have been remade into pony format though, so that may compensate with the loss.
2. Mixed play: you can use both your regular playing cards and cards from the playable galleries of this group to customize your deck.  Technically, this means that you can potentially have a match against an opponent using only regular cards.

These rules should hopefully make some very interesting and logical card combinations.
Hi. I hope you guys enjoy seeing (and playing with!) the cards I create.

For those who don't know how I balance them, they are not to be played with actual cards (save for basic Energy, which includes basic Dragon Energy for Derpy's (Love & Hate) attack. Notably, Double Colorless Energy is -not- allowed.

I am always open to suggestions for cards you'd like to see, effects you think others should have, balancing issues that need to be addressed, etc. Most importantly, if you are awesome at arting and would like to draw me a piece of art to be used on a card, by all means let me know! It does get a bit boring using screenshots all the time. (to date, only the Rainbow Dash in Equestrian Heroes uses unofficial artwork. I very badly want to change this)

With season four right on our heels, I've hammered out a set list for set 8, so hopefully you'll be seeing that in the next couple weeks. I enjoy seeing cards created by others - it gives me lots of inspiration!
It is important to recognise that if a card enters the "unplayable" category, it is not much less important or valuable than if it were regularly categorised.  This category exists for three reasons:
1. To assist people with recognising which cards can be called balanced and unbalanced, helping to give a sense of how to design cards that are more suited for play.
2. To include every work of art that is a fan-made card; each is unique and some are better suited for play while others are better suited as art.  A great example of cards like these are the cards added in the Unponied set of MTG cards.
3. To specify which cards may be used in future competitive matches, such as tournaments and duels.

This group is based around the art of making and playing with fan-made cards.  Each "unplayable" card is still an asset to the group's objectives, as is each regularly categorized card.
Every group begins small.  Every group begins with either hope or doubt, one or few, but they all begin the same - empty of recognition and content.  It is only with everyone's assistance that this group can excel and become something great.  Please, everyone, continue to recruit and submit for this group so that we can achieve this group's goal; playing with our marvellous creations and establishing a difference between the playable and unplayable fan-made cards.
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HeraldOfOpera Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
I don't mean to alarm you, but they're making another Un-Set, and it's called Unstable. Prepare for actual MTG Pony, because why else would they call it that of all things?
Mathew-Swift-VA Featured By Owner Apr 1, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Can you make a file for Chaotic cards?
Abion47 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
This seems to be the only pony-centric card-making group I can find on dA, so this is probably the best place to put this.

I'm working on an MSE template for the MLP CCG cards. Anyone interested can check out my progress posts here, here, and here.
missael111796 Featured By Owner Mar 1, 2014
This group was made for me!
nyctodarkmatter Featured By Owner Dec 12, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey, can anyone direct me on how to join the group via mobile? I've made some good cards before, but I never thought about ponies. :)
rowcla Featured By Owner Sep 29, 2013
My apologies for not accepting the various requests from before. I am pretty excited to see a group like this, and as such, would really appreciate being a part in this.

Besides that, I want to ask if there are any other things that this is for? I would love to start a skype chat or something for general design discussion, or just make contribution to concepts people have for their own designs. At any rate, it would be pretty great to see this taken a step further...

I also want to know what the go is on submitting creations to here. As you might be aware, i have a number of creations, from stand alones, to those in the Equestria at War block. Although i dont really mind which cards go where, it may be appropriate for me to know, since that appears to at least be one of the major aspects of the group.
The-Ketchi Featured By Owner Oct 6, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Herplederp, late response, sorry.

I'm happy to see your interest in the group.  It does mean something to me.

The group is currently in the stage of accepting and collecting cards.  I'm also looking into paying a programmer to program a generalised card playing interface where it would be completely legally possible to play with these cards (and more) online against other players, including profile features and such.

As for the group at the moment, just submit content to the featured gallery.  Everything can then be sorted by one of the Co-Founders or myself according to its playability and whether or not it's in a set collage.  As a Contributor, you'll be able to submit 4 things each day.
Abion47 Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Programs like that already exist. OCTGN is the flavor at the moment, but many others are also out there.
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